SUP Stand up paddle Lake Tour in Guangzhou

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SUP Stand up paddle Lake Tour in Guangzhou
Unity with nature in the center of Guangzhou? Yes, it is possible!

SUP – stand up paddle board is an inflatable board for standing rowing with an oar.
I have been doing SAP since 2020 and invite you to ride together in the center of Guangzhou on the lake.
Haizhu National Wetland Park 广州海珠国家湿地公园

Convenient descent into the water!!! There is a toilet and parking.
The cost is 580 yuan per 1 person.
The price includes:
– inflatable SUP board and paddle
– – life jacket
– a short briefing for beginners
– some photos of you on the board on my phone
– 2 hours of skiing on the lake
– pick you up by car from the Shixi (light green) branch metro station or from my house (near this metro station, Haizhu district, Guangzhou) and return to the same point.
When? Any day, at any time (as agreed).
The minimum group is 2 people.
Aleksandr Iurlov Chairman of Russian club Guangzhou
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+79268278273 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
With respect,
Russian Club Guangzhou
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