History of Russian club Guangzhou

The history of Russian club Guangzhou
Who would have thought that Russians so abundantly populate the south of China. More precisely, not only Russians, but Russian-speaking citizens from the countries of the former USSR. Being far from their homeland, surrounded by a rather specific culture, it does not even occur to perceive each other as foreigners. Of course, we are a little different. But not foreigners in relation to each other.
The population of Guangzhou was somehow mechanically divided into Chinese, foreigners who do not speak Russian, and Russian-speaking citizens. As a result, there was a fairly large community of people of the same mentality. People who understand each other simply and easily.
Russian communities have historically lived near the embassy in Beijing and the consulate in Shanghai. They were a scattered rarity in other parts of China. In 2002-2003, there were 5-6 Russians who knew each other in Guangzhou, and most of them knew each other from previous meetings in Beijing. Rumor has it that someone else lived somewhere else. The issue of simple communication in their native language was very acute. There are a lot of people around, a huge city of 15 million, smoothly flowing into a billion-dollar state, and there was often no one to talk to.
Then 8 march 2003 годаA group of initiators tried to bring together everyone they knew, who they found in Guangzhou. Russians gathered in the restaurant of the Yingbingguan Hotel, an incredibly large number of 25-30 people, and the establishment of a Russian Club in Guangzhou was announced. Those who came to that meeting introduced themselves, got acquainted, and the project of the Russian club was born, which has traditions and rules of a new education that had no precedent in the history of China before. Far from their homeland, embassies and consulates, Russian-speaking citizens of different countries now identified themselves as a community of people close to each other, declaring their desire to be friends, meet more often, communicate, and support each other.
28.11.2007 An expanded meeting of the constituent Assembly was held, as a result, the “Declaration on the Formation of the Russian Club in Guangzhou” was adopted. This historical document formed the cornerstone of the United Community “Russian Club in Guangzhou”. This spontaneous process developed so much that in 2008, the Consulate General of Russia was opened on the already inhabited lands of Guangzhou. It turned out that not only citizens are drawn to their consulates, but on the contrary it happens, which made us very happy.
The beginning of the life of the Guangzhou Russian Club was quite stormy and enthusiastic. We met every Saturday, there was an opportunity not only to talk, but also to celebrate holidays, birthdays, there were joint trips to the sea and out of town for kebabs. And most importantly, friends appeared, and as a result, the opportunity to feel at home for a while. Since that time, the smooth arrival of new people from the former USSR to Guangzhou began. Representative offices of various companies began to open, employees of companies came, came on business trips with specific goals, and those who decided to settle in Guangzhou on their own and start their career. The first Russian restaurants began to open – with borscht and bread.
Guangzhou land is now inhabited and developed by Russians and representatives of the CIS countries. According to unofficial data, the Russian-speaking population of Guangzhou numbers about 5,000 people, and these are only those who live here permanently. Over the years of its existence, the Russian club has paid a lot of attention to children – drawing, modeling, dancing clubs have been organized, various children’s events are regularly held.
In addition, the Russian club Guangzhou took an active part in organizing sports training, events and competitions. In 2007 and 2008, teams with the participation of members of the Guangzhou Russian Club won prizes in the Peoples’ Friendship Spartakiads held by the Sports Department and the Organizing Committee for the Asian Games. One of the achievements of the club in sports is receiving special prizes for the best fans and organizing teams. Paintball competitions were also held with the friendly Russian Club of Shenzhen.
TRussian Club Guangzhou is closely involved in organizing cultural events for Russian-speaking residents of Guangzhou, such as visiting exhibitions of paintings (including contemporary Russian artists), photographs, going to the theater, and participating in interesting thematic meetings. In addition, weekly meetings of compatriots are held. A photo exhibition “Traditional Guangzhou” was held in Guangzhou by the initiative group with the support of the Consulate General and the club.
These were the categories of the Russian-speaking community in Guangzhou. In our present homelands, borders are being strengthened, and we, as those born in the same country, unwittingly erase them. Probably, the peoples of the former USSR do not have such a need for borders.
There have been many different events at the Guangzhou Russian club over the past few years: there were ups and downs. The founders of the Club used the experience of other Russian clubs – Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The RCU in Guangzhou was based on a new idea of the natural development of the situation, the unification and maintenance of the Club based on the naked enthusiasm of interested people, the enthusiasm of like-minded people. And this idea has fully justified itself.
Now the Russian Club in Guangzhou is an established public non-profit organization that has a clear goal – to strengthen what it has created, unite people who are close in spirit, and help each other at the edge of the world, live, work and relax. An organization that has a charter and a logo has its own website, even a library. The foundation exists and it can and should be completed as needed.
Anyone who comes to Guangzhou “Russian” has the opportunity, if desired, to easily find friends and like-minded people. He can get advice and help on a variety of issues – both personal, domestic, and commercial. The territory has been developed, guests are always welcome. At the Edge of the World, you can clearly see how small the Earth is. And this understanding quickly destroys conditional obstacles. In any place, a person can really be happy only when he is understood, and with those who understand.
The website was relaunched on February 21, 2019.
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