For not newbie in Guangzhou

For not newbie in Guangzhou. For Long stay people)
Drink more hot water
Verify your Alipay wallet – it will come in handy.
Come to the events from the Guangzhou Russian Club!
Come to monthly meetings from the expat community
Get a consular registration in Guangzhou – ARTICLE
Pay all by Wechat BUS and METRO
How to get second russian passport – ARTICLE
To enroll E-channel – ARTICLE
Residence Permit in Guangzhou – ARTICLE
Family visa in China – ARTICLE
Social insuriance card ARTICLE
Chinese driving license – ARTICLE
Carsharing in China – ARTICLE
APEC Business Travel Card – ARTICLE
Non criminal record in Guangzhou ARTICLE
Notarized translation of a passport in China ARTICLE
Legalization of the Russian diploma for China: study or work ARTICLE
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